Informational icon Web Clarity Edition: The layout of the user interface for Clarity Web Edition is different than the screen shots below but the functionality description is applicable to all Clarity editions, including Clarity Web, unless noted otherwise.

Similar to a dashboard, this report provides an overview of current compliance status for all Verification Domains as determined by automated testing.

Summary Institutional Status Report

Data Retrieved by Report

The top section of this report shows the total number of PDF pages tested across all Verification Domains as well as the total number of PDF pages failing automated testing.

The bottom section of the report lists PDF files by Verification Domain including authoring application and testing status.

The report includes the following data:

  • All defined Verification Domain Names and Root URLs.
  • Summary information including the total number of PDF files and pages tested.
  • The number of pages failing automated testing.
  • Generating applications used (MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel or Other)
  • Verification status (for files verified by CommonLook Office 1.2.1 or higher and/or CommonLook PDF 4.3.4 or higher)

NOTE: MS Word and MS PowerPoint-generated PDF documents may be checked and re-created (in Word or PowerPoint) using ComonLook Office 1.2.1 or higher to improve verification status. Any existing PDF file (regardless of its authoring software) may be checked and remediated using CommonLook PDF 4.3.4 or higher for improved verification status.

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