In some cases, you may want to replace all occurrences of a certain textual value in a PDF document by other text to be read by assistive technology.

CommonLook PDF’s Replace feature replaces the Alt, Actual or Expansion text at the appropriate parent tag level with the text specified by the user. It’s essential to use this tool only after all reading order remediation work has been performed.

Information icon. The Replace function occurs in the tags tree, and thus affects assistive technology software. It does not change the page content.

This feature is available in the Logical Structure Editor and Verify and Remediate modes through the Edit > Replace menu item. Case-sentive and whole-word matching options are provided.

The Replace function operates only on request. For managing abbreviations and acronyms, it is better to use the Abbreviations and Acronyms feature, which stores alternative text choices so that they may be used consistently for other documents.