CommonLook Office Plug-In Preferences. CommonLook Office includes several preference settings to help manage PDF output and assist users.

Advanced Options

Check for Updates

Checks the NetCentric Update Server for newer releases. Once a new release has been detected, it offers to download and install the newer release. Default is No.

Order Priority

Choose to give priority to the document reflowing correctly (Reflow) in Adobe Reader’s Reflow mode, or (in some cases) the document displaying correctly (Physical).

Screen Reader Mode

If using CommonLook Office with a screen reader, change this setting to Yes in order to disable selection of presentation elements while running CommonLook Office to improve the user experience. If you are not using a screen reader, this setting should be No.

Show Order Warning

When set to Yes CommonLook Office displays a warning when it reorders content (see the Order Priority setting, above) to ensure correct behavior in Adobe Reader’s Reflow mode. If you get this warning, please examine the pages indicated in the output PDF file for either reflow or visible errors, as indicated.

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