The following figure illustrates the components of the CommonLook Office panel. The CommonLook Office panel is displayed, by default, to the right of the MS PowerPoint window when you open the PowerPoint presentation in CommonLook Office.

Picture of the tabs, areas and controls that comprise the CommonLook Office panel as described in the previous paragraphs.

When you launch CommonLook Office, the Current Checkpoint shows the first checkpoint applicable to your presentation. The simplest way to use CommonLook Office is to click through the tasks following the instructions until all checkpoints are completed and a PDF document is generated. See CommonLook Office Overview for more information on this process.

The CommonLook Office Panel contains the following features:

  • All Checkpoints Tab: This tab lists all checkpoints supported by this version of CommonLook Office. Bolded checkpoints are those applicable to the current presentation; non-applicable checkpoints are marked as such. Select a checkpoint, then click on the Current Checkpoint tab to view the tasks for that checkpoint. Click the Preferences Tab to view and set the checkpoint’s preference settings.
  • Current Checkpoint Tab: This tab contains the tasks pertaining to the current checkpoint.
  • Checkpoint Preferences Tab: This tab lists preference settings relevant to the selected checkpoint or category of checkpoints.
  • Instructions: The user actions required to pass the checkpoint. Click on the More link for detailed information about each checkpoint.
  • Task Buttons: Click on the next/previous buttons to step through each applicable checkpoint in order, task by task.
  • Applicable Checkpoint Buttons: Click on the next/previous buttons to move to the first task in each applicable checkpoint, skipping any remaining tasks in the current checkpoint.  (And skipping Tasks that are not relevant to your particular document.)
  • Generate PDF Button: Clicking on this button will cause CommonLook Office to generate a PDF immediately without passing the remaining checkpoints. PDF files created without passing all checkpoints may not be accessible or conform to Section 508.
  • Clear Verification Button: Clicking on this button causes CommonLook Office to drop any existing verification information for the open PowerPoint file and return to the first applicable checkpoint.

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