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Bypassing Repetitive Content (MS Word)

Background and Purpose

Accessibility guidelines specify that if there are repeated blocks of content in a document, repetitive navigation links for example, then there should be a way for the user to bypass or skip over these items.

The Purpose of this checkpoint is to test the document for repeated links so that they can be handled in an appropriate and compliant manner.

Note:  This is a document design consideration and is generally not applicable to documents created in MS Word.

What We Do

CommonLook Office checks for repetitive navigation links, and warns the user if two or more links in the document point to the same location.   Unless a means of skipping the navigation links has been provided (for example, with a “next page” link prior to the repeating links), the author must remove the repetitive links from the document prior to conversion.

Guidelines and Standards

This checkpoint is relevant to the following regulations, guidelines and standards:

Document Published Scope Conformance Criteria
Section 508 – 2001 Regulations (USA) 2001 “Web-Based Information & Applications” (o)
W3C WCAG 2.0
(REVISED SECTION 508 – 2017)
2008 Web Content SC 2.4.1
Health and Human Services – HHS (USA) 2013 PDF File 508 Checklist Not Specified
ISO 14289 (PDF/UA) 2012 PDF Technology Not Specified