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The Checkpoint Preference tab allows the user to customize the behavior of each checkpoint. Preferences can be accessed through the Checkpoint Preferences tab within the CommonLook Office Panel.

Picture of the preferences tab showing options for the Checkpoint Navigation Mode preference.

Checkpoint Navigation Mode

This preference setting determines how CommonLook Office will process the checkpoint. These settings persist until changed; they are not particular to the open document. Available options include:

  • OnlyIfApplicable – CommonLook Office stops at this checkpoint only if it identifies content applicable to the checkpoint.
  • AlwaysStop – CommonLook Office will always stop at this checkpoint regardless of whether it is applicable to the current document. This can be useful for training or educational purposes but has few other practical applications.
  • AlwaysSkip – CommonLook Office will always skip this checkpoint. This can be useful when streamlining your workflow, for example, if you know certain checkpoints have already been passed.

Validation of Alternative Text

The Validation preference setting consists of a sequence of regular expressions delimited by (***).  If a figure’s alternative text matches any of these regular expressions, the user receives a warning about the quality of the alternative text.

The following regular expressions are installed in this string:  .[^s.]+Z***A(w+s*){0,2}Z

Interpreting the regular expressions:
  • .[^s.]+Z  Detects the use of a file name as alternative text.
  • A(w+s*){0,2}Z  Detects alternative text of fewer than three words.

In addition, users who understand regular expressions or who can request that other regular expressions be produced, can easily customize these preferences to fit specific client or organizational needs.

Common Preferences

To set the preferences for a group of checkpoints, select the “All Checkpoints” tab (#1), click on the “Parent Node” for the particular group of checkpoints (#2), and click on the “Preferences” tab (#3).  Only preferences for options common to the selected group of checkpoints may be configured in this way.

Screen shot of the CommonLook Office Global Access panel showing the All Checkpoints Tab, the Parent Node of a checkpoint group is highlighted, and the Checkpoint Preferences tab is labeled.