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Document Metadata (MS Word)

Background and Purpose

“The main purpose of metadata is to facilitate in the discovery of relevant information, more often classified as resource discovery. Metadata also helps organize electronic resources, provide digital identification, and helps support archiving and preservation of the resource. Metadata assists in resource discovery by ‘allowing resources to be found by relevant criteria, identifying resources, bringing similar resources together, distinguishing dissimilar resources, and giving location information.'”  (For more information, visit the Wikipedia page on metadata.)

The Purpose of this checkpoint is twofold.  First,  CommonLook Office will prompt the author to verify that the metadata components of the document are appropriate.  Second, the software facilitates making any necessary changes.

What We Do

The CommonLook Office interface panel opens on this checkpoint to allow the user to verify and assign or edit the following items:

  1. Title – Sufficiently descriptive of the document’s topic or purpose.  Note:  The Viewer Preferences, in the PDF, will be set to display the document title, not the file name.
  2. Author – The Company, Department, Division, etc. name.  This is not the name of the specific person or people who created the document.
  3. Subject – Often the same information as the Title.  May include additional information indicating what the document is about.
  4. Keywords – Words or phrases that may be used to find the document when searching online.  Separate keywords with semicolons.
  5. Language (of document) – CommonLook Office will automatically take the language defined in the document and apply it to the PDF.  (This step occurs automatically and is not shown in the screenshot below.)
  6. Language (of parts) – CommonLook Office will automatically take the language defined parts in the document and apply that language in the PDF.  (This step occurs automatically and is not shown in the screenshot below.)

Screen shot of the Metadata panel in CommonLook Office. The title, author, subject, and keywords boxes are filled in.

Guidelines and Standards

This checkpoint is relevant to the following regulations, guidelines and standards:

DocumentPublishedScopeConformance Criteria
Section 508 – 2001 Regulations (USA)2001“Web-Based Information & Applications”Not Specified
W3C WCAG 2.0
(REVISED SECTION 508 – 2017)
2008Web ContentSC 2.4.2
SC 3.1.1
SC 3.1.2
Health and Human Services – HHS (USA)2013PDF File 508 ChecklistID 1.3
ISO 14289 (PDF/UA)2012PDF TechnologySection 7.1
Section 7.2