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Style (Role) Mapping/ Custom Tags (MS Word)

Background and Purpose

Tags in a PDF define the structure of the document so that it can be understood properly by screen readers and other assistive technology devices. It is important that Word styles (e.g. Heading 1) are mapped to the correct PDF tags (e.g. H1) and that, where appropriate, a PDF bookmark is generated to help the user navigate through the document.

The Purpose of this checkpoint is to ensure that styles have been properly mapped to appropriate PDF tags and to identify any styles that should generate PDF bookmarks.

Note: CommonLook Office automatically maps standard styles to appropriate PDF tags and generates PDF bookmarks for heading styles. If custom styles are used in the document, review the mapping and modify as appropriate.


For each of the styles listed in checkpoint panel:

  1. Select the style.  In the CommonLook Office panel, the text using that style and the mapped PDF tag will be displayed.
  2. Ensure the style is mapped to the appropriate PDF tag.
  3. If each instance of a particular style should also generate a PDF bookmark when converted to PDF, check the box to “Create PDF Bookmark for this Tag.” This is typically done for styles such as headings that help the user navigate the document.
  4. Once all of the styles have been verified, click the arrow to the right of “Applicable Checkpoint” to continue working on the document.

Screen shot of the CommonLook Office panel to check, verify, and change style mapping to PDF tags. The checkbox to generate bookmarks from heading tags is also identified.