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The top row(s) of the table contain the headers of the columns in subsequent rows. This is the most basic and common type of data table.

Picture showing a word document containing a Column Header table and the CommonLook Office panel.

PDF Conversion

When this table is converted to PDF, CommonLook Office will tag the column headers correctly, allowing screen readers and other assistive technology devices to read and process the structure of the table.

Information to Set for this Table Type

The following additional information can be specified for the table:

Generate Speak Text When checked, this option generates an alternative textual description for each of the table’s cells. This option provides support for the most basic types of linear screen readers which may not support table header structures.

The textual description contains the text of the column header(s) and the data value of the cell (for example, the first cell in the second row in the sample table above will have a textual description of “Quantity 10”, the second cell “Price $10”). This ensures that the text will be read by any assistive technology device that provides basic support for alternate textual descriptions.

Number of Column Header Rows This is the count of the rows that contain column headers (1 by default). When more than a single header row is specified, the data in a given table cell will be read following the text of all headers.


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