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People who cannot differentiate between certain colors and those using monochrome displays and printers may not be able to see information conveyed solely with color. For example, if red is used as the sole means of denoting high priority content then people with color-blindness may not be able to identify high priority content.


Identify any information that is conveyed solely through the use of color and ensure there is an alternate way to convey this information.


  1. Click Show Filter to display a filter that removes color.
  2. Drag the filter over the document to identify any information that is conveyed solely through color (for example, charts where color is the only means of identifying distinct data sets).
  3. If you find information that is conveyed solely through color, then edit the document until all such information is also conveyed using other means (for example, with a textual description).
  4. Click Next to continue.

Picture showing a word document with a text in color and a color chart. The color removal filter shows how the information conveyed in color is lost.

Guidelines and Standards

This checkpoint is relevant to the following regulations, guidelines and standards.

DocumentPublishedScopeConformance Criteria
Section 508 (USA)2001“Web-Based Information & Applications”(c)
W3C WCAG 2.02008Web ContentSC 1.4.1
ISO 14289 (PDF/UA)2012PDF TechnologySection 7.1


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