Since the publication of ISO 32000 in July 2008, the world’s Portable Document Format has been managed by volunteers of the International Standards Organization (ISO), TC 171. These developers, marketers, and others participate in the various International Committees to help develop the next generation of PDF technology.

Why Might I Care?

PDF works because the specification for PDF technology was used as a de facto standard since the outset. PDF continues to solve business problems and create new opportunities for communication today for the same reason: PDF just works.

PDF Standards exist so that PDF can continue to gain new features and capabilities in a way that benefits all developers and users.


Our Role In Shaping PDF Standards

Together with Adobe Systems and Microsoft, CommonLook plays a key role in managing this vital, globally-accepted technology.

Ferass ElRayes, CommonLook’s Chief Technology Officer, represents Canada on both ISO 32000 and ISO 14289 Committees.


Why We’re Involved

Although Adobe Systems invented PDF and retained ownership of the file-format specification until 2008, PDF has always has been a fundamentally open technology. We believe that the success of PDF as the world’s choice of electronic document file format relies on this fact.

Direct participation in developing the future of PDF keeps us ahead of the game in terms of adding value for our customers.