Certified Section 508 by CommonLook seal.Tagging PDF documents and forms is our speciality. We provide software and services to ensure your PDF files are fully accessible and tagged in compliance with Section 508 for delivery to government agencies, contractors, other businesses and end users.

Learn about our advantages in tagging PDF files, including complete Section 508 testing, verification, certification and remediation.

PDF Tagging Software

CommonLook PDF logo.Our PDF tagging products are led by the CommonLook PDF verification and remediation plugin for Adobe Acrobat Professional.
CommonLook Office Logo.CommonLook Office provides the easy to use solution for creating tagged PDF documents and forms from MS Word.
CommonLook Clarity logo.CommonLook Clarity helps test the accessibility status of online or offline collections of tagged PDF documents.

CommonLook Services logo.PDF Tagging Services

For immediate help in ensuring tagged PDF documents and forms are tagged correctly, simply forward representative examples to sales@commonlook.com or contact us for a quick, no-obligation estimate on our PDF tagging services.